Lake Farm Centre is a Home, a Community, and a Village for Intellectually Challenged Adults

Who We Are

Origin Story

Our roots date back to 1959 when concerned parents of intellectually disabled children envisioned a loving home where their unique individuals could thrive throughout life with purpose and joy.

At Lake Farm Centre, we provide a space fostering growth, independence, and belonging for valued members of our supportive community.

We are not just another “mental health facility,” but a vibrant community born out of love and compassion. Both residents and staff are carefully selected to ensure a close-knit, nurturing environment. A true home where they live, work, and play as a united village.

Join us in celebrating our legacy of care as we provide a loving home for intellectually challenged adults to thrive and lead fulfilling lives as envisioned many years ago.

Watch this video of 2017 when we turned 57!

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Our mission

Inspiring Excellence in Care

Lake Farm Centre’s mission is to serve as a model for others, providing the best possible care and support to intellectually challenged adults, helped by our fundraising efforts. Together, we inspire excellence in care, positively impacting their lives.

Join us on this journey of compassion and support.

Our Vision

Nurturing Lives With Compassion And Purpose

Lake Farm Centre’s vision is to care for, respect, and develop each individual, embracing their unique capabilities and needs.

Our dedicated staff are more than caregivers; they are compassionate role models, “parents,” and counsellors. They continually uplift, empathise, and exhibit patience, insight, and understanding, fostering an environment of love and trust for our residents.

We create a meaningful lifestyle with a nurturing home, work, social, and spiritual life.

Join us in fostering lives filled with joy and purpose.

What do we do?

Lake Farm Centre is a tranquil haven where intellectually challenged adults aged 18 and above find a loving community. Here, we provide a nurturing environment where residents are cared for, stimulated, and embraced by peers who understand and support them.

Our protective occupational therapy workshops and continuous craft skills training empower residents to explore their potential and develop valuable skills. They actively contribute to our charity shop, coffee shop, and bookshop, taking pride in their tasks. Keeping the grounds tidy is another favorite activity.

Facilities for residents

Housing in a Family Environment

In addition to our nurturing community and enriching programs, we are proud to offer housing in a warm family-type environment. Our residents live in comfortable and homely spaces, where they become part of a close-knit household with house parents who provide caring and attentive support.

The family setting fosters a sense of belonging and security, allowing our residents to build meaningful connections with their housemates and house parents.

Through this unique living arrangement, they experience the joy of a supportive family while also benefiting from the camaraderie of their peers in our larger community.

At Lake Farm Centre, we prioritize a family-like atmosphere to promote emotional well-being and personal growth, ensuring each resident feels cherished and valued, just like a member of their own family.


Toto van der Merwe


The first time you give something for free, you create appreciation.

The second time you give for free, you create anticipation.

The third time you create expectations, and the fourth time you establish entitlement.

The fifth time you give, you create dependency.

If you thereafter fail to give, you create resentment.”

Lake Farm Centre might be a non-profit organisation with charitable objectives, but we are not a charity.

Amelia Laubscher

General Manager

Amelia is a remarkable leader with a diverse background in nursing, teaching, administration, and psychiatric training. Her additional psychology, sociology, lecturing, and entrepreneurship qualifications enrich her skill set.

Starting as a nursing sister many years ago, her love for Lake Farm Centre has only grown stronger. With extensive knowledge and experience, she’s the ideal choice for the General Manager position.

Thanks to her exceptional leadership and genuine affection for the residents, she is instrumental in ensuring Lake Farm Centre continues to thrive. Her unwavering commitment and dedication guarantee the well-being and fulfilment of all those under her care.


We have 51 dedicated staff members. They are all dedicated to serve in one way or another with our very special residents in mind.