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We provide full accommodation in a homely environment, including three meals daily.

At Lake Farm Centre, we aim to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for our intellectually challenged residents. Here’s how we work to provide them with a fulfilling and purposeful life:


We welcome volunteers to join our mission if you’re inspired to make a difference. Become a part of this heart-warming journey of love, care, and growth.

Let’s create a place where everyone belongs and thrives, together!

Lake Farm Agri

Lake Farm Centre might be a non-profit organisation with charitable objectives, but we are not a charity.

Our residents might have constraints, but that doesn’t mean we have to be constrained in striving for independence and financial sustainability.

We are building and securing our future by optimising the potential of our most valuable commodity, productive agricultural land.

The Lake Farm Agri Project started in August 2022 and it’s still under construction. We are producing vegetables and herbs profitably and commercially at scale – and we are growing. We aim to keep growing until we can extract the farm’s full potential.

From seedling to table

As actions speak louder than words, follow our initiatives below and help us grow.

Charity Shop

Welcome to our heart-warming charity shop!

Step inside and discover a treasure trove of second-hand clothing, jewellery and other treasures waiting to find new homes. Our store is a delightful blend of fashion and compassion. Browse through our carefully curated selection of pre-loved clothing.

Our charity shop offers a delightful array of second-hand clothing for those seeking style with a conscience.

If you want to make a difference, shopping here is a heartwarming experience. Join us in transforming lives, one gift or purchase at a time.

Open on Saturdays & Sundays from 10h00 to 12h30

We need good quality goods

Good quality clothing, jewellery and home décor items for the charity shop needed.

For more information on how to donate, contact us

At Lake Farm Centre, our charity shop is a vital source of support for our mission of providing exceptional care and support to intellectually challenged adults. We rely on donations from our community to keep our shop stocked with a beautiful selection of items.

We currently need suitable quality clothing, jewellery, and home décor items. Your donations can make a significant impact, helping us raise funds for Lake Farm Centre.

By contributing to our charity shop, you’re decluttering your space and contributing to a greater purpose. Your pre-loved items can find new homes and bring joy to others. At the same time, the proceeds from sales go towards transforming lives and making a positive difference in our community.

Whether you have gently used clothing, stylish jewellery, or unique home décor pieces, each donation counts and helps us make a lasting impact.

Help us continue our mission by supporting our Charity Shop today. Contact us to arrange a donation, or visit our shop to find hidden treasures and unique items that bring joy and purpose to your purchase.

Thank you for being a part of our journey of compassion and empowerment. Let’s create a brighter future for those in need and turn your donations into opportunities for change.

Coffee & Craft Shop

Welcome to our heart-warming weekend coffee and craft shop to enjoy delicious coffee and food served by our residents.

Some of our residents showcase their culinary talents in the kitchen. Explore our selection of frozen meals, cookies, and rusks.

Open on Saturdays & Sundays from 10h00 to 12h30

Don’t miss our delightful crafts, proudly created by the talented individuals of our facility.

Every purchase supports our mission to empower intellectually challenged individuals. Embrace the spirit of community and inclusion, where each visit makes a meaningful impact.

Together, let’s transform lives with every sip and purchase.

2nd hand Bookshop

Open on Saturdays & Sundays from 10h00 to 12h30

Discover the magic of literature and embrace the joy of reading by visiting our bookshop, where a treasure trove of second-hand books awaits you. Get lost in the world of storytelling and embark on thrilling adventures without breaking the bank with our affordable books.

Our bookshop is a haven for book lovers and avid readers alike. Whether you’re seeking classics, bestsellers, mysteries, or fantasy, you’ll find an array of genres and titles to satisfy your literary cravings.

Not only will you unearth literary gems, but your purchase also supports a great cause.

Grab your favorite books at giveaway prices!

All proceeds from our bookshop go towards our mission and provide the best care possible to intellectually challenged adults, making your reading journey even more meaningful.

Visit us this weekend, and let the magic of storytelling take you on a captivating journey.

Join us in creating a community of book enthusiasts and making a positive impact with the power of words by contributing to our cause with every purchase.

Happy reading!

Sponsor a resident

At Lake Farm Centre, we cherish every resident as a valued community member. Unfortunately, the number of residents without financial support from their families is growing annually. Your help can make a world of difference in their lives.

Our residents find purpose and joy in being a part of our warm and accepting environment. Surrounded by friends and caring staff, they lead fulfilling lives, feeling needed and appreciated.

If you want to sponsor a particular resident, please contact our office for more information. Your generosity can be the key to unlocking a brighter future for an intellectually challenged individual. (041 379 1555 or

Make a lasting impact

We invite you to consider sponsoring a resident with your financial support, allowing them to continue their journey at our Centre. Your sponsorship empowers them to thrive, experience love, and create lasting memories.

Join us in making a lasting difference and ensuring that every resident at Lake Farm Centre has the opportunity to live a life filled with acceptance, love, and purpose.

Together, let’s create a supportive community where everyone thrives, and no one is left behind.

GiftLady Online Shop

Introducing the delightful GiftLady online shop, where you can find and send the most heartwarming gifts to your loved ones in South Africa! The GiftLady online shop sells our delicious Choc Shortbread Biscuits and Health Rusks, all freshly baked at Lake Farm Centre with love and care.

Share the joy of our special baked goods with your loved ones, and let them taste the love and warmth that comes with each bite. Visit the online shop now and send a gift that will be cherished and savoured, making your presence felt even from afar.

Making a difference in our world

We appreciate every order big or small.

The more orders we get through the GiftLady, the better the chance to add more of our delicious goods!

They deliver nationwide in SA!

What is a more personal gift and thoughtful than surprising someone special with a box of delicious baked goods from a loved one that is far away? The online shop is ideal for family and friends to send a gift to someone in South Africa, whether you live in another province or just around the corner.

Order from anywhere in the world

No matter where you are in the world, the nationwide delivery ensures that your gift reaches your family and friends in South Africa. You can still send a heartfelt present to brighten their day.

Our delicious treats are perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or showing someone you care, even if you live on the other side of the globe.

Order direct below