Welcome to our Sustainable Income Project – “Lake Farm Agri” Farming Project!

At Lake Farm Centre, we believe in embracing uniqueness and finding beauty in our differences. Our farming project is not just about producing vegetables; it symbolises our commitment to becoming self-sustainable and securing a bright future for our residents.

We designed our vegetable and herb farming venture to generate much-needed income for the Centre, ensuring that we can fulfil our mission and vision for years to come. With a focus on commercial food production, we are planting vegetables on the farm and in greenhouses to provide high-quality produce.

You can now find our fresh and delicious herbs & veggies in local shops!

Non-profit organisations like ours in South Africa face the challenge of finding sustainable income solutions to support our long-term goals. Our “Lake Farm Agri” project is our response to this challenge, aimed at ensuring the future sustainability of the Centre.

With the expertise of a seasoned farmer who understands our vision, we are determined to grow this project to its full potential. However, we can’t do it alone. We need funding and sponsors to help us nurture this initiative and create a thriving and self-sustaining income source. Join us in celebrating the beauty of our differences and supporting our Sustainable Income Project. By doing so, you’re not just contributing to the success of a farming project; you’re making a profound impact on the lives of intellectually challenged adults in our community. Together, we can cultivate a brighter future, food security and embrace the beauty of being different and beautiful.