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Provider or Testamentary Trusts

There is not a parent with a vulnerable child who does not worry about what will happen to the child after they die. Securing a financial future for a dependent with special needs is of utmost importance. Once you as parent passes away, how well will the day-to-day needs of

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WATCH THIS VIDEO https://youtu.be/QTIAehjd3-I?si=WckAnvfvGPdQivcS Lake Farm Centre featured on a Nisboere (Niche Farmers) KykNet Program on the 31st of April 2024, Nisboere 8 Episode 10.  An extract from the Nisboere Facebook article of 1 April 2024… “Lake Farm is allermins aan hul eie lot oorgelaat. “Ons neem plaaslike mense in

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What Is An 18A Certificate?

Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (Act 58 of 1962), as amended by the Revenue Laws Amendment Act (Act 45 of 2003) entitles a taxpayer (an individual or a legal entity, including a trust) to deduct annual donations to certain public benefit organisations (PBOs). This amount must not exceed

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