Available Resources:

If you need any assistance with persons with disabilities we kindly advise to consider the following options:

  • For all private and government social welfare services in the Eastern Cape
  • For services and facilities for persons with disabilities in your area use the sms service (sms based only, no calls or correspondence) as follows:

SMS to 072 172 2623 for anything to do with disability.

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For residential care facilities also consider and explore the following alternatives in SA:

  • old age homes sometimes have flats or rooms attached to the old age home or on the same premises and a service centre for the elderly and disabled persons;
  • some old age homes and churches have their own affordable retirement villages or housing schemes;
  • some retirement villages or security villages have a service centre that provides assisted living services for even disabled adults;
  • in the cities group homes in the community accommodate disabled persons – this option seems to be the new approach away from large institutions subsidised by Department of Social Development;
  • phone the social work offices(ACVV, BADISA, CMR, Kindersorg, FAMSA, APD, etc.) or churches(especially the NG Kerk) in the rural towns to enquire regarding available services or organisations or
  • the regional office of the particular Department of Social Development in that province should be in the position to provide contact details.

Please phone the social workers on the Resource Register or principal/social worker at Lake Farm Centre if you need more information regarding the above-mentioned alternatives.